Greetings Candidates and Political Committees,

The new electronic reporting service is now available.

On behalf of Montana’s people we encourage all candidates and committees to utilize the new service.  “As more candidates and committees report electronically rather than on paper forms, the media and the public have the new ability to analyze political contributions on the state’s website… This is especially important now; national and out-of-state interests are rapidly focusing in on state level politics around the country, including right here in Montana” (Quist’s comments from Bozeman Daily Chronicle Article published 7/27/14).

Kym, Karen, Lindsey and Mary will be reaching out to all legislative candidates to encourage online reporting and, if need be, help you through the first reporting experience.  Campaign Electronic Reporting System a.k.a. CERS is a user-friendly system that aides in tracking things like total-to-date, contribution limits, and other required information. Users will receive notifications of missing required information prior to filing a report. COPP staff is always available to answer your questions or assist in making the electronic reporting a positive experience.   Thank you for your willingness to use the electronic service, we believe you will find it helpful.  Below is some important reporting deadlines:

All statewide candidates and ballot issue committee reports are due on the 10th of August and September.

All statewide incidental committee reports are due on the 8th of August and September.

All state district and county candidate reports are due October 23 and November 24, 2014 by 5pm.

All PAC and party committee reports are due October 23 and November 24, 2014 by 5pm.

Once you request to register a new candidate, there will likely be a time-lag while the request is evaluated by one of us at CPP.   Once your request is approved, an email will be sent to you.  If you'd like to hurry this process along, send me an email (Contact Us) letting us know you've entered a request to register.

Don't use your browser 'back' or 'forward' buttons to move among pages. Use the buttons you will find within the service to ensure the process completes properly.