On-line reporting will be required for all statewide candidate campaigns, state district candidates (legislature, district court judge, and public service commission), and all political committees.  Kym, Scott, Karen and Noah work extremely hard at making your on-line reporting experience a positive one.   If at any time you need assistance feel free to contact our office.  We can be reached at (406) 444-2942 or at .

CERS is a user-friendly system that aides in tracking things like total-to-date, contribution limits, and other required reporting information.   Users will receive notifications of missing required information prior to filing a report.  This step could reduce the headache of having to deal with the formal complaint process during your busy campaign season.

Reporting calendars and other helpful information is available on the website at www.politicalpractices.mt.gov.

Good luck with your campaigns!

Once you request to register a new candidate, there will likely be a time-lag while the request is evaluated by one of us at CPP.   Once your request is approved, an email will be sent to you.  If you'd like to hurry this process along, send me an email (Contact Us) letting us know you've entered a request to register.

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